DEADLINE: 07-04-2019

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This training course will take place in Czech Republic from 13 to 17 May 2019.

Kambek brings together experienced beneficiaries and project managers of KA1 and KA3 to share best practices from their projects, reflect on the role of participation and learn innovative methods for dissemination of project results.
The aim of the seminar is to increase the quality of projects in KA1 and KA3. The two main fields which we will focus on is participation and dissemination of project results. Participation and dissemination increase the quality and contribute to long-term impact of projects.

The main objectives of the seminar are:

• To share experience with running projects in KA1 and/or KA3 (Structured Dialogue, now called Youth Dialogue)

• To introduce innovative methods for dissemination of project results

• To reflect on the role of participation in the whole project cycle and to reinforce its importance


The seminar is intended for 30 participants with the following profile:

Experienced beneficiaries of KA1 (Youth Exchanges, Training Courses) and/or KA3 (Structured/Youth Dialogue on national or international level) who:

want to share their experience with running projects
want to share their best practices
want to raise the quality of the projects especially in the field of participation and dissemination
The participants should have experience with preparation and implementation of the project, with the whole project cycle.

This means participants should demonstrate their involvement in both the project and grant application development and it’s delivery in a role of a trainer, facilitator or team leader.

Cosa aspetti? Contattaci se vuoi essere supportato nella compilazione della domanda.

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