IC LAB – Intercultural Learning for Absolute Beginners

IC LAB – Intercultural Learning for Absolute Beginners

DEADLINE: 10-04-2019

Source: SALTO-YOUTH.net

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This activity will take place in Oslo, Norway from 20 to 24 May 2019.

A crash course on the concept of intercultural learning for youth workers with no previous experience in international youth work.
Do you want to make your youth work more meaningful? More connected to the real world? Are you a bit confused or fed up with all this talk of “increasing diversity” and wondering how to increase your competences for dealing with such issues in your youth work (including jumping into international exchanges and stuff like that)? Then this is the course for you!

Aims of the training course

Introduce and work with concepts of intercultural learning
Inspire youth workers to do international and intercultural youth work
Motivate youth workers to discover Erasmus+
Encourage youth workers to gain intercultural competences
The trainers team will hold two online meetings before the course – selected participants will be able to choose which one they can attend. This gives all the chance to air their wishes, meet around half of their fellow travellers and build the foundations for this short-term learning community. And maybe have a bit of fun too!

Programme elements:

-Introduction to the training course, the group and the programme
-Exploring concepts of intercultural learning
-How does intercultural learning and youth work relate to each other?
-Sharing of practice backgrounds as youth workers
-Challenges that youth workers face in their work in relation to intercultural learning
-Limits of intercultural learning
-Introduction of the Competence Model for Youth Workers working on international level with a focus on the ‘Displaying intercultural competence’ area
-Introduction to the Erasmus+ Youth Programme
-Space and support for contact making within the group of participants
-Intercultural jokes and some more jokes

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